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New to Croquet?


We offer a range of activities for those new to the game. The club will provide the equipment: all you will need is a pair of flat-soled shoes (eg trainers) and clothing suitable for the outdoors – a sun hat!

 To see what the game is all about, try clicking on the "Croquet - The Game" button in the main menu.


If you'd like to have a go to see if you like it, contact Will Warren-Davis for details - 07881 632069



As a follow-up you are very welcome to join one of our ‘Introduction to Croquet’ courses designed to learn the basics quickly so that you’ll soon be able to play games with friends and other club members.


You are also very welcome to come along and meet some of our members who will be keen to help you learn more about how to play the game. We have:

Coaching Sessions

Monday afternoons from May starting at 2.00pm. (Check on Bank Holidays)

Roll-Up Sessions – ad hoc play

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons starting at 2.00pm

Taster Day

Ask about 2024 dates


After 4 weeks we’ll invite you to join the club at a reduced subscription rate of £20 per month entitling you to all the benefits of full membership until the end of the season. This will allow you access to the club, its facilities and equipment; participation in follow-on coaching courses and a Beginners tournament at the end of the season.


When you join the club your first full year's annual subscription will be reduced from £180 to £160.


Our ‘Follow-on Courses’  are designed to broaden skills, improve understanding of the game and build confidence. Take a look at the Club Calendar to find out all that is going on.


All our courses are intended to be enjoyable and sociable as well as instructive.


If you would like more information, please get in touch by using the Contact Us tab on the top left.

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